Our servises for travellers

  1. Download the map and use it for navigation on your Smartphone device in offline mode

  2. Create your own tour at the website, and download it on Smartphone device for further navigation in offline mode

  3. Create own tour on Smartphone device and upload it on server

  4. Edit created at the web or uploaded from Smartphone device tours

  5. Manage your tours from web or Smartphone

  6. Share with friends (available only at your personal page) or, after quality check up, with billions of tourists (available at the search and/or main pages) created tour

  7. Set the price for your tour and earn with each download

  8. Find and download shared by others tour for your vacations and weekends

*Tour – A number of points (sightseeings) on the track and general tour information

*Point (sightseeing) – Point with own GPS coordinates and a number (not more than 5) descriptions

*Description – module, which can contain image, text, audio and video descriptions