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Embed tours to your blog!

Did you dream about embedding tourswith detailed description of atractions for your readers in your blog? And your followers would be able downloading your tour to mobile guide? Now it is possible! To embed map with any tour from Chango website you ned to add tag <script>(e.g. in header) and tag <div> with mandatory attribute class = "changoRoute":

data-route - tour Id at Chango website

data-width - map width

data-height - map height

data-map - map type (Google, Google-Satellite, OSM)

Let's try?

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Create Your Tour

Travelling to any destination become so easy with new technology from Chango. Click the point on the map, and Your itinerary will be created in few minutes!

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PDF versions of all tours now available

Dear Travellers, we are glad to inform, that we add new functionality for your convinience. Now at each tour page you can download PDF version of the itinerary with all maps and descriptions being included. Enjoy travelling!
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Chango is live at AppStore

Chango application is now available for iPhone & iPad
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Chango available on GooglePlay

Chango application with all features required by morden tourist is published on GooglePlay
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Tutorial is added

Tutorial on using Chango application is added to How it Works page.
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New release

We have updated Chango application. Now you can create/edit and download tours .
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London tours were voiced

Several most popular London tours were voiced. Now you can enjoy travelling in London!
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New tours were added

Since last month we have added more than 100 tours for the most visiting cities such as London, Rome, New York etc.
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MaxGen International Corp. is created

Since today Chango project will be developed in the legal entity - MaxGen International . We are expecting to attract investment to our projet to effectevly address international market with our services.
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First live version available

Today the first live version of the web application was published for testing.
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