1. What I can do with Choose-And-Go?

    You can download to your smart phone device every tour you found on the website and corresponding map with further usage them offline. You may create your own tour on the web before your vacations, or record interesting moments of your holidays on mobile device, and upload on server. All the time you can edit own created tours at the web site, and share them with your friends, or with the billions of travelers all over the world. If the tour passes through the quality check up, you can earn for each tour download.

  2. How can I earn with Choose-And-Go?

    You can create your own tour with user friendly web form, or record it on mobile, upload on server and edit if required. After the tour is published it becomes available to billions of travelers. You will earn with each download up to 80% of the tour price.

  3. How can I create my own tour?

    It is extremely simple. Login at choose-and-go.com to personal account, or create one if you haven’t done it already. Navigate to “web created” tours section, and click “Create new tour” button at the page. You can add point by clicking on the map. You can adjust objects position via entering GPS coordinates. Also you can manage the order of sightseeing or delete some of them. Each point can have up to 5 descriptions, and each description has image, text, audio and video description. After you finish, click “Submit” button. Now the tour is available in “Web created tours” menu.Even simpler is the tour creation from mobile device. Just click record, and add the points to you current position. After you finish, you can edit the tour and upload it. Tour will appear in “Uploaded tours” menu.

  4. What can I do, if there is no required city/country/category etc. in the corresponding list for my tour?

    You can submit the request for adding such data using our “contact us” form.

  5. Which tour can I add/create?

    You can create whatever you want which is not contradict to our policy and share with friends. However, if you want to make the tour available to all users your tour should pass the quality check up. The general rule for such tour is your desire to buy it for the price you have set.

  6. Can I just download the map without using the tours?

    Yes, you can simply download available map on your mobile device from bottom menu “map” and use it for your navigation.

  7. Can I write a post for your website?

    if you have interesting traveling experience, which you want to share, however you cannot do that via tour creation for some reason, you are welcome to submit a post. Contact us beforehand to discuss.