Chango Strory

The idea for Choose-And-Go project or simly Chango appeared during Rome holidays. Traveling with the paper guide it was always desire to match real position with the one on the map, because some places were skipped being not found. The obvious solution was to merge GPS data with the map from the guide. And idea resulted in using offline maps on the smartphone device with GPS function. However, the things went further, and all sightseeing text description was added to the point on the map. No paper guide was required anymore, everybody can see current position and the point of interest on the map in offline mode.

Later on voice narration, images and video descriptions functionality was added to each point of interest. And all this functionality doesn’t require internet access during your holidays or weekend relaxation. And that is not all! You can not only browse and download the tour for you, but you can create your own tour from the web and further download it to your smart phone, or record the tour on mobile device and upload it on server. All created routes can be shared with friends, or after quality check up to billions of tourists. If you enjoy traveling and want to share your experience with others, you can earn with Choose-And-Go.

Unique functionality results in project popularity, and MaxGen International Corp. was created in order to make the project even better, and allow peoples from all over the world travel as easy as the seeds of dandelion do.